Social responsibility and culture

As well as being a driving force behind the Italian economy, Intesa Sanpaolo wants to make a tangible social contribution to the community in terms of social inclusion, the environment, culture, education and innovation.

The aim is to become the first Impact Bank in the world by making financial funding accessible to struggling categories of people and companies, in order to ensure that everybody has access to opportunities.

In line with the Group, Banca Intesa, through sponsorship and charity activities, takes in charge social responsibility. Besides Banca Intesa takes an active part in the Russian cultural life, supporting various initiatives, especially those aimed at further development of the cultural dialogue between the two countries.

Assuming corporate social responsibility, the Bank creates a favourable social environment and believes that enhancement of the Bank’s social responsibility enhances the financial possibilities of its customers. We believe that social responsibility is a necessary condition for further social development.

Within the cultural and artistic initiatives promoted by Banca Intesa and its Group to spread the Italian culture in Russia and to make known in Italy the different expressions of the extraordinary Russian culture and civilization, we remind the collection of ancient Russian icons, the most significant intervention on the Russian artistic and spiritual heritage.  The icons have been studied, restored and cataloged by the maximum experts of the field of Russia and of the world. The icons collection is considered the most important collection of religious Russian art in the West, both for its size and the number of rare masterpieces of ancient times.

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