Foreign Exchange Control

Foreign Exchange Control

Foreign exchange control is a set of measures taken by the Bank to monitor compliance with the requirements of the foreign exchange legislation of the Russian Federation for exchange transactions by residents and non-residents.

Clients’ requests on foreign exchange control issues can be sent through the E-Bank, the Arbitrary Documents to the Bank section, with the email subject: FOREIGN EXCHANGE CONTROL, or by phone: 8-800-200-67-07.

Banca Intesa, acting as a foreign exchange control agent, provides clients with the following services:

  • Consult on foreign exchange legislation;

  • Assist in preparation and execution of foreign exchange control documents;

  • Exercise foreign exchange control during foreign exchange operations in foreign currency and the currency of the Russian Federation;

  • Consult on the procedure for conducting and recording foreign exchange transactions using various forms of settlements: letter of credit, collection, bank transfer.

  • Additional service: Be aware*

  • SMS messages about acceptance of / refusal to make a payment;
  • SMS messages on acceptance/rejection of foreign exchange control documents (certificates of supporting documents, etc.)

* for clients having entered into the agreement on activation of client’s e-bank

Benefits of Banca Intesa in foreign exchange control:

  • Execution of foreign exchange control documents related to foreign trade transactions of clients;

  • Providing information and comments at the request of customs authorities;

  • Transfer of any documentation, including contracts, invoices, customs declarations, certificates of supporting documents through a remote access system (allows you to monitor the execution on-line or receive messages from the Bank’s employees about the status);

  • Provision of free advice on foreign exchange control issues, including complex transactions in foreign economic activity;

  • Preparation and distribution of information letters aimed at preventing violations of the foreign exchange legislation of the Russian Federation and acts of foreign exchange authorities;

  • Fast processing of foreign exchange control documents in accordance with regulations of the Bank of Russia;

  • Competitive rate policy of Banca Intesa as a foreign exchange control agent.

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