Business loans

Banca Intesa offers the following loans as long-term finance instruments:

  • for the replenishment of working capital;
  • for investment;
  • for combined purposes.

Terms of granting and servicing

  • Loan amount:
    from RUB 5,000,000 (no maximum limit of the amount)
  • Term of the loan – up to 7 years;
  • Term of adopting the decision on the loan – from 3 days;
  • Security – motor vehicles, immovable property, equipment, personal property, goods in circulation, pledge of the right of claim, bills of Banca Intesa and guarantees from first-class banks, suretyship;
  • Interest rate – you may select one of the following methods of interest rate accrual depending on your current conditions and the nature of your business:
    • a floating interest rate is established on the basis of he values of MosPrime3M, LIBOR3M or EURIBOR3M (depending on the currency of financing) and is applicable to any business credit;
    • a fixed interest rate means that the value of the rate is fixed throughout the period of using the credit. The rate is applicable to credits in RUB with a term of up to 60 months and to credits in USD and EUR with a term of up to 36 months.

The value of the interest rate is determined on an individual basis. Make a call to your personal manager and discuss the terms of financing. We will be happy to help you.

Loan repayment methods

  • annuity payments – equal monthly payments towards repayment of the principal debt (credit amount) and interest thereon;
  • differentiated payments – repayment of the principal debt (credit amount) by equal installments, resulting in a reduction in interest charged on the debt balance and a reduction of a monthly payment;
  • an individual payment schedule with due account taken as to the seasonal nature of the customer’s business.
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