We appreciate your ability to manage your business and we are ready to support you in developing it. To replenish your working capital, we would like to offer you an additional opportunity, namely, an overdraft.

An Overdraft is a special form of granting a short-term loan, when the borrowed amount exceeds the balance in a customer’s account. Unlike common-type loans, in the case of an overdraft all the amounts entered to the customer’s current account are applied towards the repayment of the debt.

Basic conditions

  • maximum overdraft amount – RUB 30,000,000;
  • overdraft limit – up to 40% of the net receipts into the account;
  • term – up to 12 months;
  • complete financial analysis is not required.

The overdraft fee is equal to 0.2% - 1% of the overdraft limit.
The penalty for delay in payments is equal to 0.5% of the amount overdue for each day of delay.

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