Business credit refinancing

Refinancing of a credit means granting a credit to cover an existing credit debt to another bank.

By obtaining refinancing from Banka Intesa you will be able to alter the following credit parameters:

  • the interest rate on the credit – lowering it to the market value;
  • the term of the credit – extension of the term of the credit, enabling you to reduce the monthly load on your business resulting from the credit payments;
  • other terms – for example, pledge, maintaining a specific turnover on settlement accounts, servicing payroll projects, etc.

Terms of granting and servicing

  • Credit amount
    from RUB 5,000,000 or the equivalent in USD or EUR. The amount of the granted credit may not exceed the balance of the principal debt to the other bank;
  • Terms of the credit
    • Minimum term - 13 months
    • Maximum term - limited to a maximum period of standard types of loan products of Banca Intesa, the objectives of which are similar to those refinanced loans.
  • Security – motor vehicles, immovable property, equipment, goods in circulation, pledge of the right of claim, bills of Banca Intesa and guarantees from first-class banks, suretyship.
    Possible subsequent pledge of property being pledged to another bank loan, which is planned to refinance.
  • Interest rate – you may select one of the following methods of interest rate accrual depending on your current conditions and the nature of your business:
    • a floating interest rate is established on the basis of he values of MosPrime3M, LIBOR3M or EURIBOR3M (depending on the currency of financing) and is applicable to any business credit;
    • fixed interest rate means that the value of the rate is fixed throughout the period of using the credit. The rate is applicable to credits in RUB with a term of up to 60 months and to credits in USD and EUR with a term of up to 36 months.

The value of the interest rate is determined on an individual basis. Make a call to your personal manager and discuss the terms of financing. We will be happy to help you.

  • Facility fee: 0.5% of the amount of the credit.

Credit repayment methods

  • annuity payments – equal monthly payments towards rthe epayment of the principal debt (credit amount) and interest thereon;
  • differentiated payments – repayment of the principal debt (credit amount) by equal installments, resulting in a reduction in the interest charged on the debt balance and the reduction of a monthly payment;
  • individual payment schedule with due account of the seasonal nature of the customer’s business.
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