Credit line

To replenish working capital, we offer a revolving credit line product. A revolving credit line means revolving financing within the established limit.

Borrowers – small and medium-sized business companies

Terms of granting the credit facility

Maximum amount of financing (debt limit) is determined on an individual basis;
Currency – RUB, USD, EUR;
Maximum credit line period – 60 months;
Guarantee is required;
Pledge – 100% security (immovable property, equipment, bills and bank guarantees, goods in circulation, transport vehicles);
Territorial remoteness of a business to be within 300 km from the location of a Bank branch;

Form of granting the credit facility

The credit facility is granted in tranches. The minimum amount of a tranche is RUB 500,000 (or the equivalent in USD or EUR). The number of tranches is not limited.
The period of one tranche is equal to 3 to 12 months.

Interest rates and credit line servicing

Floating interest rates based on the values of MosPrime3M, LIBOR3M or EURIBOR3M (depending on the currency of the financing) are offered for the credit lines. The values of interest rates are determined on an individual basis. Make a call to your personal manager and discuss the terms of financing. We will be happy to help you.

Methods of credit line repayment

  • Interest on a monthly basis, capital at the end of the tranche period
  • Interest on a monthly basis, capital by equal installments
  • Repayment of capital 3 months before the end of the tranche term in equal installments, interest monthly
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