Payroll project

Payroll project

Salary project provides you with the opportunity to make cooperation with the Bank more effective and your current account functional.

The salary project is a convenient and up-to-date arrangement

  • you can considerably optimize the costs related to payment of wages and salaries (employees of the accounting department do not need to count cash, formalize payment and pay out cash);
  • the problem of storing the amounts not received by payees is resolved;
  • employees’ earnings are confidential owing to the use of payroll cards;
  • the electronic form of earnings accrual is fully safe.

Advantages of the payroll project offered by Banca Intesa:

  • Flexible terms of cooperation
    Depending on the size of a customer company, we offer individual rates for servicing and money transfer.
  • No fee for using ATMs all over the world
    With a Banca Intesa payroll card employees of your company are able to effect transactions for a total amount of up to 20,000 rubles / 500 US dollars / euros per month through ATMs of any banks in Russia and all over the world without paying a commission fee.
  • Advantageous terms of crediting and the deposits for individuals
    We are ready to offer your employees special rates for using the Bank’s credit products and special interest rates on deposits. Your employees will be able to receive a required consultation and to complete a credit application right at their work places, without spending time visiting the Bank.
  • European service standards
    A payroll card of Banca Intesa is a key to European service and advanced service technologies introduced by Intesa Sanpaolo banking group.

Salary project terms

Need to open a settlement account at banca Intesa
Join the "Digitale Electronic Bank" system 
Card types — Classic Inspire, Gold Intesa Super, Gold Intesa Top Manager

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