Starting the payroll project

Starting the payroll project at Banca Intesa is very simple.

  1. Open your company’s settlement account at Banca Intesa.
    This is necessary to effect cashless payments to corporate customers and payments to individuals (your company’s employees).
  2. Join the Electronic Bank service.
    This service will provide you with a remote access to accounts, and you will be able to effect online payments.
  3. Sign the payroll project contract with Banca Intesa.
    The contract will contain the terms of servicing corresponding to your company’s needs. Upon the issuance of bank cards for the employees (it takes 2 weeks on average) you can start transferring the salaries.
  4. Include new employees in the payroll project.
    To include a new employee in the payroll project, you are just to contact your personal manager and to report the required data.
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