Globalisation of markets and the complex nature of macro economic variables make it increasingly necessary for businesses to rely on a competent and trustworthy interlocutor.

Banca Intesa can provide tailor-made solutions for specific financial and commercial needs that facilitate the positioning of companies on international markets. Banca Intesa thus stands out as the pivotal interlocutor not only for Italian companies present in Russia, or which export to Russia, but also for the main Russian firms that intend to expand into Italy and elsewhere.

Membership of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group (the primary Italian bank in trade relations with the Russian Federation and other foreign countries) means Banca Intesa can avail of:

  • an international network in over 40 countries
  • teams of specialists - in Italy, Russia and elsewhere – who support the Relationship Managers with consultancy services and direct assistance to businesses
  • a specialist unit, the Company Internationalisation Development Service, operating from Padua as a centre of competence for the Group to assist customers in the search for business partners and to provide market analysis and innovative solutions for companies in the internationalisation process.

Operating in a teamwork context even with local and international bodies and authorities (Chambers of Commerce, Trades Associations, regional Branches), Banca Intesa offers no-holds-barred solutions, including analysis of the market potential in the various industrial sectors, developing customised back-up services in operations and advertising, setting up agreements with institutional and business bodies, circulating periodical information and providing updates on business opportunities.

In the export finance sector, Banca Intesa offers cutting-edge specialised solutions to its customers, including in syndication with other banking counterparts.

The structuring of financial transactions goes hand in hand with support for customers in their recourse to financial and insurance concessions supplied by the “Italy system” (Simest, Finest, Sace, Sviluppo Italia), by European insurance bodies (ECAs - Export Credit Agencies) and by international organisations such as IFC, BEI, EBRD and ADB.

Services include:

  • issuing of letters of credit and guarantees on behalf of Russian importers and/or confirmation of same when issued by other Russian banks
  • cash management.
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