Banca Intesa handles all types of Bank Guarantees including Stand-By Letters of Credit applied in international or Russian banking practice and required by your Company.

We offer the following types of Bank Guarantees:

  • Payment guarantee
  • Advance payment bond
  • Performance bond
  • Bid bond
  • Guarantee in favour of the Customs Authorities of the Russian Federation
  • Bank guarantees in favour of the Tax Authorities of the Russian Federation:
  • State contract implementation guarantee
  • Loan repayment guarantee
  • Stand-by Letter of Credit

In the framework of Bank Guarantees Banca Intesa provides the following types of operations:

  • Issuance of various types of Bank Guarantees to secure the fulfillment of concluded contracts obligations of the Customers;
  • Advising of Bank Guarantees received in favour of the Beneficiaries from Russian and foreign banks;
  • Issuance of Bank Guarantees secured by counter-guarantees issued by Russian or foreign banks (subject to the sufficient inter-bank limit).

Key benefits of Bank Guarantees and Stand-By Letters of Credit:

  • The opportunity to get a delay in payment under Contract
  • Improvement of your company's credit worthiness improvement
  • Bank Guarantee independence from the underlying obligation
  • Irrevocable nature of Bank Guarantees
  • Simplicity in use and wide area to apply Bank Guarantees
  • Opportunity to participate in tenders
  • Taking advantage of a Bank Guarantee as one of  the Trade Finance instruments.


Banca Intesa commissions and charges
Other bank's commissions and charges
  • Issuance fee (in case of guarantee issuance under counter-guarantee of Banca Intesa)
  • Other fees as per other bank Tariffs

*Guarantee structure as well as amount of bank charges depend on the terms and conditions of the corresponding concluded agreement on Guarantee issuance and financial standing of the Client.

PDF Presentation - Trade Finance and Documentary operations


PDF Rates for cash and settlement services to corporate customers (legal entities and private entrepreneurs)

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