Trade Finance

Trade Finance – financing of trade operations of your company with the use of different documentary instruments

Key benefits of Trade Finance:

  • Taking advantage of documentary instruments (Documentary Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Stand-By Letters of Credit)
  • Reduction in working capital saving
  • More attractive cost of financing in comparison with utilizing standard loan facilities because of procurement of funds in international capital markets

Import financing

  • Letters of Credit Post-financing
  • Discounting of Documentary Letters of Credit
  • Buyer’s Credit under insurance coverage of foreign export credit agencies as well as ECA of Russia (EXIAR).

Export financing

  • Seller’s Credit under insurance coverage of EXIAR (ECA of Russia),
  • Discounting of Documentary Letters of Credit,
  • Pre-Export Financing (assignment of rights under Documentary Letter of Credit).

PDF Presentation - Trade Finance and Documentary operations

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