Current Account

Banca Intesa opens and maintains accounts in RUR, USD and EUR.


  1. Cashless settlement transactions in RUR and foreign currencies.
  2. Cashless conversion of funds in accordance with the bank’s rate or the MICEX rate without additional fees for current day transactions.
  3. All types of cash transactions: acceptance and crediting to the account within current transaction day (with the ability to use credited funds the same day), cash disbursement, exchange and recount of cash.
  4. Full range of services for import and export transactions including the execution of deal passports and performance of currency control functions.
  5. Consultation and account manager assistance with regulations which define clearing and settlement procedures, selection of payment terms, drawing up contracts, and filling in payment documents.
  6. Collection, i.e. delivery of valuables, escorting the customer’s representatives transporting valuables.

As a convenience, customers may use our online system Electronic Bank for all transactions.
To discuss any special terms, please call the nearest Banca Intesa office. Our employees will be glad to answer your questions and offer the most optimal conditions for you and your business.

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