Current accounts

Current accounts

A current account is a bank account used for effecting settlements and keeping monetary funds that may be easily withdrawn from the account or deposited therein.

You may open several current accounts at one time in Rubles, US dollars or Euros.

Accounts are opened and maintained free of charge.

When using your current account you can:

  • transfer funds from the account to other accounts;
  • deposit and withdraw cash;
  • receive transfers to the account from other banks.

An advantage of a current account with Banca Intesa is that you will not have to contact various employees of the office to get the services you need. All the operations on the account may be effected for you by one employee of the bank provided that you have the account card. This enables us to provide our service promptly and in a really convenient way due to application of the servicing methods based on the one-stop principle.

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